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Mapiá Residents’ Healthcare Committee (AMVCM) / Santa Casa de Cura Padrinho Manoel Corrente

Coronavirus is advancing rapidly across the interior of the Amazon. Vila Céu do Mapiá, where our dear Madrinhas Rita and Júlia live along with so many other Padrinhos, Madrinhas, teachers and friends, urgently needs our support.

The region does not have hospital infrastructure to face the demands of COVID-19, and overall availability of health services is very limited.

The AMVCM Healthcare Committee and the Santa Casa invite everyone to join this global connection to support emergency actions in Vila Céu do Mapiá and Fazenda São Sebastião!


We thank everyone who has already collaborated!
On May 20th, we reached the emergency goal, and by mid-June we reached half of the total goal.
The communities still need resources for some demands, in particular the purchase of an energy generator for the Health Center, Santa Casa and “Chapéu de Palha”. Help us raise R$ 30 thousand until July 15th, for this purpose!!
We need your support!

We need your help to support four action fronts:

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    Vila Céu do Mapiá Health Center

    Acquisition of equipment, supplements and medications indicated by health professionals to help prevent and treat COVID-19 and other diseases in Vila Céu do Mapiá and Fazenda São Sebastião.

Vila Céu do Mapiá Health Center

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    Santa Casa de Cura Padrinho Manoel Corrente

    Improvements in infrastructure, acquisition of materials and support for the function of the Santa Casa de Cura, to receive patients in need for care and isolation.

Santa Casa de Cura Padrinho
Manoel Corrente

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    Social Assistance

    Social assistance fund to meet the emergency needs of elderly residents, as well as those most socially and economic vulnerable.

Social Assistance

Total Goal
EMERGENCY GOAL - Until May 20th!

All donations will be received through the institutional account of ISAVIÇOSA (Instituto Socioambiental de Viçosa), an organization that has been working for more than 10 years supporting Vila Céu do Mapiá and other communities in the region, and will be fully transferred to Santa Casa de Cura and the Vila Céu do Mapiá Residents’ Association.

If you prefer to make an international bank transfer online, or if you want to donate directly materials or medicines, please contact Tatiana Reis (WhatsApp: 31 98861-2313; Email:, to access the list of what is needed and to organize the logistics of sending these materials to Mapiá.

For more information, contact:

ISAVIÇOSA(31) 98861-2313 e (WhatsApp e Email – Tatiana Reis)

Health Center(68) 98111-3461 (WhatsApp – Yara Peres)

Santa Casa(97) 98100-7345 (WhatsApp – Isabel Barsé)

Se você prefere fazer uma transferência direta, seguem os dados:

Caixa Econômica Federal
Agência: 0164
Conta Poupança: 144057-2
Operação: 013
Associação Instituto Socioambiental de Viçosa
CNPJ: 09.242.409/0001-99

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